Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Winter Fragrances.

I'm not usually one to have a summer and winter fragrance but after moving house and re-decorating my dressing table I have re-discovered my all time favorites. These fragrances don't have to be necessarily worn in any particular season but these are my go to's for winter as they linger and stay on for a longer period of time. Jil by Jil Sander is quite feminine and floral with hits of vanilla and mandarin followed by a slight amber undertone. Dior's famous J'Adore has been one of my favorites for a while now with the endless raves and reviews seen and heard throughout the beauty blogesphere I wear this all year round, it too is fresh and floraly with hints of jasmine, but what really gets me is the sleek, glamorous shape with the luxurious gold lid, I can't help but receive envious stares when pulling this one out of my handbag. My third favorite is the modern, yet amazingly shaped Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. It reminds me of the massive diamond I (pretend) I have on my finger. Lady Million in my opinion is like the modern day J'Adore, its musky and fruity and has little hints of citrus and the biggest plus is that it lasts!

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