Friday, 28 December 2012

YSL for Christmas

I received this wonderful gift from some very generous friends of mine. The new Baby Doll Deluxe Edition comes with Baby Doll the fragrance and the Baby Doll Make Up Palette by Yves Saint Laurent

Thursday, 20 December 2012

OOTD 19.12.12

Necklace: Celine
T-Shirt: Givenchy 
Blazer: Bardot
Bag: Hermes Birkin
Shoes: Charles and Keith 

Yellow, Chanel and Cartier

Bag: Chanel 2.55
Bangle: Cartier Love bracelet
Nail Polish: Ultra3 in Honolulu

Friday, 30 November 2012

Le Tan tanning gel Review

Having being a lover of Le Tan since the Queen has been the Queen, i stumbled across the newest Le Tan product which is a gel gradual tanner. This amazing creation smells entirely of coconuts and doesn't have that awful after smell, although it takes 4 hours to develop it is extremely easy to remove with my exfoliator and glove, unlike the spray and mouse formula's of the brand. Although, it doesn't meet the standards of my absolute favorite Le Tan instant tanning lotion which i have continuously bought over 3 years and have shamelessly stocked up on, it does do the job well and smells AMAZING. It is a good one for the beginners out there, as it isn't instant and is very easy to work with, I highly suggest checking it out if you are a fake tan junkie like myself.

OOTN 29.11.12

Neon and Metallic

Peplum Top: Dotti
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Bag: Chanel - Flap 2.55

Thursday, 22 November 2012

OOTD 22.11.12


T-Shirt: Bonds
Blazer: Dotti
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Necklace: Colette Accessories
Bag: Hermes Birkin

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Chanel spring/summer 2013

Karl Lagerfeld's Hula Hoop bag has questioned many of us fashion junkies as to how the inspiration caught him on board. Lagerfeld says in an interview with the Daily Telegraph "it's for the beach, you need space for the beach towel" you don't say!

This design was the talk of the show and many across the world have been placed on order, due to the sell out. Good going karl! you inspire many of us X

Karl Lagerfeld modeling his famous Hula Hoop Bag 

OOTN 13.11.12

after many long anxious days of waiting for my Zara Basic Shopper to arrive, it finally came. After umming and ahhing for 2 months on the Zara website i finally decided to type it in on ebay! there it was at half price, with only 1 remaining on the sellers listing, i bought it!!

Blazer: Zara 
T-shirt: Sportsgirl Basics
Leather Trousers: Ebay
Scarf: Vintage Gucci
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Bag: Zara (bought on Ebay) 
Bangle: Cartier 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

OOTN 9.11.12

A bit of Givenchy at the BMW launch party with my daddy.

Top: Givenchy 
Bag: Balenciaga 
Jacket: Temt clothing 
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Cuff: Hermes 
Leggings: Cotton On 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Join A Weird Trip

I have been absolutely loving Balenciaga's collection of printed T-shirts lately, so much so that i have been generously thinking about investing in one. The Egyptofunk Collection comes in 5 different prints, whether you opt for the classic t-shirt length or the cropped length, paired with a great pair of leathers and a little black jacket you cant go wrong
these retail at $295 so start saving ladies! X

Balenciaga Sphinx Short Sleeves T-Shirt 

Balenciaga Skyline Chicago Short Sleeves T-Shirt 

Balenciaga Glitter Girl Sleeveless T-Shirt 

Balenciaga Skyline Vegas Short Sleeves T-Shirt 

Balenciaga Wave Short Sleeves T-Shirt 

Friday, 19 October 2012

stacks on stacks on stacks

rings: House of Harlow, Rubi Shoes, Diva 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Chain Reaction

This is currently my favorite combination of cuffs and bracelets, so i thought i would all share with you my recent loves

Chain Bracelet: Mocha accessories 
Cuff: Hermes
Bangle: Cartier 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

OOTD 7.10.12


Blazer: Stella McCartney
T-Shirt: Cotton On
Bag: Hermes - Birkin
Shoes: Topshop

Friday, 5 October 2012

Current Favorites- Nail Polish

here are a few of my favorite nail polishes at the moment. When shopping for the perfect nail polish i tend to play it safe and steer towards the blacks, reds and nudes. Since these colors are great for any season, for me they are the right choice. So i share with you my all time favorites.

OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark: this polish is my all time favorite polish, i have literally bought about 3 of these and i do not regret it one bit! from a far it looks black but when held up to the light a dark purple is shown through the bottle. It is well worth every cent 

 Revlon- 380 Elegant: the simplicity of this polish makes the nails look nice, neat and manicured. Application is great, and the long brush makes it easier to get into the corners. It lasts a long time on the nails and has a never ending shine 

Rimmel Lycra PRO- 370 Reality Chic: this shade is the most amazing, deep red i have ever come across, it is my second favorite polish with a glossy finish and ever lasting color you can't go wrong. I have dubbed this shade the "Rachel Zoe' since it is similar to the color she endlessly wears. Thank you Rimmel!

OPI- Samoan Sand: this polish is simple and clean. I use this polish as a hardener for during the week and when i want that neat manicured look. OPI polishes never fail to please with the easy to use brush and opaque texture.

Ultra 3 Nail Color- Sizzling Red: the most perfect shade of red, not too deep and not as bright this makes a tan pop and lasts a bloody life time. At an absolute bargain of a price this nail polish is cheap as chips and does a fantastic job, it dries super fast which gives it 1000 pluses

Sportsgirl Nail It- Fresh: although i wasn't quite happy with the formulation and texture of the polish when it dried it was the color that drew me. This color is the perfect mint and looks fabulous if your tanned. A layer or two of top quality Top Coat is crucial when applying Sportsgirl nail polishes 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Summer Outfits

Look 1-

Neon Skirt: Sportsgirl
Top: Cotton On

Look 2-

for the colder summer nights

Blazer: Bardot
T-Shirt: Cotton On
Leather Trousers: Topshop
Cuffs: ASOS 
Loafers: Topshop 

Look 3- 

the LBD

Dress: Dotti 
Blazer: Forever New
Cuff: Hermes
Rings: Rubi Shoes 

Look 4- 


Kimono: Vintage
T-Shirt: Cotton On
Necklace: Colette Accessories 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats In My Make-Up Bag.

Cosmetic Case: Louis Vuitton

Garnier BB Cream oily and combination skin- works a treat on oily/acne prone skin 1000 times better then the original

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Rimmel London ScandalEYES Mascara 

Models Prefer eyebrow pencil in: brown- cheap and cheerful has a mascara spooly attached to it which is a bonus 

Lanolips 101 Ointment- hydrates and cures cracked lips

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler 

Revlon Matte Lipstick in: Nude Attitude- the perfect nude which sits nicely on the lips

The Body Shop Body Butter: Coconut- smells like freshly opened coconuts and repairs dry skin

Dior Addict 2- the perfect everyday fragrance smells fresh and feminine, great scent for summer

Rimmel Natural Bronzer- perfect for highlighting and contouring cheeks

Inspiration 2012

Nicole Richie 

Lara Bingle 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Victoria Beckham 

Rachel Zoe 

Olivia Palermo 

Jodi Gordon 

OOTD 3.10.12


Jacket: CO by Cotton On
T-Shirt: Bonds
Shorts: Cotton On
Bag: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Sunglasses: House of Harlow 1960

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Favorites- Lipsticks

Here are my favorite lip colors that i have been using all month. I have included a nude, red, pink and orange. Since the weather has been temperamental here in Melbourne it was vital that i kept my lips in good condition and even today. I moisturize with the Lucas' Paw Paw ointment and make myself an overnight treatment of the Lanolips 101 Ointment and Aloe Vera gel.

MAC Creamsheen lipstick in: Creme D'Nude 
this feels nice and smooth when first applied on the lips, the color is suited perfectly with my skin tone, the creamsheen formula keeps the lips hydrated 

 Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in: Fruit Tingle 
this lipstick is highly pigmented, which means the lips need to be hydrated beforehand, the color is quite bright so eye make up needs to be kept to a minimal 

AVON Simply Pretty lipstick in: Daring Mauve 
the color and formulation of this lipstick is amazing, the color suits my skin tone perfectly it's a lovely lolly pink, it leaves the lips feeling soft and it stays on for a long time and the price is a steal!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick in: Black Wine
this deep red lipstick not only looks great on any skin tone, but it is extremely long lasting. Apart from my nudes this color was my favorite- not to mention this is one of Rachel Zoe's, Stylist to the Stars all time favorite brand and shade. You just can't simply go wrong with this color, it doesn't wash you out (like most deep reds do) and it can really make you feel all that prettier 

Real Techniques makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman - Core Collection

When i stumbled across the many positive reviews about the Real Techniques brushes i thought to myself 'yeah right! what a load of s^&*' after many weeks of procrastinating and highly doubting myself i thought, what the heck- just buy them. So there i was, pressing "add to cart" button for the 87634th time. After many long and anxious 7 working days i received them. And i can honestly say i am never looking back. These brushes are a wise and good investment, the way they have been made and if you use them with the correct product it makes you look 1000 times better then just applying it with an ordinary brush. There are 4 talented brushes that come with the Core Collection set, the first brush is the 'buffing brush'- i use this brush to apply bronzer and blush to the cheeks and contour lines on my face, but it can also be used to apply tinted moisturizer and other various products. The second brush is called the 'contour brush'- this brush is amazing for getting into those hard to reach places like under the eyes for concealer or adding highlighter under the brows. The third brush is called the 'detailer brush'- this brush can be used for either concealer of for applying lipstick, it is again another handy multipurpose brush. And the last brush is called the 'pointed foundation brush' which does exactly what is says to, it has a cleaver point so you can easily blend your foundation in places like the corner of your nose, and blending around the eye.
All in all i am quite happy with my purchase and if you are hesitating trust me and just buy it! they are cleverly designed to use with any product, which is why they make great investment tools.

Monday, 1 October 2012

September Favorites

The following products that I have been using are a mixture between cheap and cheerful and the Luxe items that are a good investment. The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, Natural Bronze gradual tanning moisturizer works a treat on the skin. It hydrates as well as adding a nice hint of color when applied and left overnight, for the beginners of Fake Tanning this works wonders, it is a cream formula which naturally builds an even looking tan the more you apply it.

The Liz Earle, Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleaner removes all the dirt and makeup build up that has been sitting on the face all day, in conjunction with the muslin cloth it exfoliates the face and well as deep cleaning, then leaving it hydrated. As I suffer from acne, within the first two weeks of using this product I honestly felt a massive different, my skin was clearer and smooth, although this isn't a 'cure' it sure does help treat pimples on the surface as well as deep clean.

The Shu Uemura eyelash curler was my absolute cult product of the month, in conjunction with the Rimmel ScandalEYES mascara I found that it lengthens my lashes making them feel fuller and it also lasts all day unlike other cheap mascaras that become flaky and wear off

I use the Bioderma Sensibio H2O solution as a makeup remover as I feel that the good old make up wipe leaves my skin feeling dry and irritated. This product for me was a cheeky purchase costing me $40 for the 500 ml and that was even a eBay purchase! It cleanses the skin as well as removing makeup

Napoleon Perdis' China Doll Foundation is fantastic for those nights out, it blends in like a treat and doesn't make you look like a ghost face in photos. Because it is pigmented so well it covers every single blemish on the face!

Last but not least, Dove's Nourishing Oil Care serum - works just like bloody Moroccan Oil and your saving yourself 20 bucks!

Shady Lady

wearing the ultimate sun-glass is like wearing the ultimate bra. it has to fit nice and comfortably, it has to look good and it has to compliment your features.  whether you invest in a good pair of sunglasses which will last you many seasons to come, or if your like to pick yourself up a bargain, wearing the perfect sunglasses is essential.
If you have a squared shaped face, a pair of round or oval shaped sunglasses will compliment you nicely,
whereas a triangle shaped face will suit any style of cats-eye.
Round faces suit the oversized style and if you don't know your shape! then the trusty old aviator will fit you nicely. The aviator style suits almost every face because of the unique cut and stylish edging. 

above: Karen Walker, Harvest Black Round sunglasses 

House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea sunglasses