Friday, 5 October 2012

Current Favorites- Nail Polish

here are a few of my favorite nail polishes at the moment. When shopping for the perfect nail polish i tend to play it safe and steer towards the blacks, reds and nudes. Since these colors are great for any season, for me they are the right choice. So i share with you my all time favorites.

OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark: this polish is my all time favorite polish, i have literally bought about 3 of these and i do not regret it one bit! from a far it looks black but when held up to the light a dark purple is shown through the bottle. It is well worth every cent 

 Revlon- 380 Elegant: the simplicity of this polish makes the nails look nice, neat and manicured. Application is great, and the long brush makes it easier to get into the corners. It lasts a long time on the nails and has a never ending shine 

Rimmel Lycra PRO- 370 Reality Chic: this shade is the most amazing, deep red i have ever come across, it is my second favorite polish with a glossy finish and ever lasting color you can't go wrong. I have dubbed this shade the "Rachel Zoe' since it is similar to the color she endlessly wears. Thank you Rimmel!

OPI- Samoan Sand: this polish is simple and clean. I use this polish as a hardener for during the week and when i want that neat manicured look. OPI polishes never fail to please with the easy to use brush and opaque texture.

Ultra 3 Nail Color- Sizzling Red: the most perfect shade of red, not too deep and not as bright this makes a tan pop and lasts a bloody life time. At an absolute bargain of a price this nail polish is cheap as chips and does a fantastic job, it dries super fast which gives it 1000 pluses

Sportsgirl Nail It- Fresh: although i wasn't quite happy with the formulation and texture of the polish when it dried it was the color that drew me. This color is the perfect mint and looks fabulous if your tanned. A layer or two of top quality Top Coat is crucial when applying Sportsgirl nail polishes 

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