Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Real Techniques makeup brushes by Samantha Chapman - Core Collection

When i stumbled across the many positive reviews about the Real Techniques brushes i thought to myself 'yeah right! what a load of s^&*' after many weeks of procrastinating and highly doubting myself i thought, what the heck- just buy them. So there i was, pressing "add to cart" button for the 87634th time. After many long and anxious 7 working days i received them. And i can honestly say i am never looking back. These brushes are a wise and good investment, the way they have been made and if you use them with the correct product it makes you look 1000 times better then just applying it with an ordinary brush. There are 4 talented brushes that come with the Core Collection set, the first brush is the 'buffing brush'- i use this brush to apply bronzer and blush to the cheeks and contour lines on my face, but it can also be used to apply tinted moisturizer and other various products. The second brush is called the 'contour brush'- this brush is amazing for getting into those hard to reach places like under the eyes for concealer or adding highlighter under the brows. The third brush is called the 'detailer brush'- this brush can be used for either concealer of for applying lipstick, it is again another handy multipurpose brush. And the last brush is called the 'pointed foundation brush' which does exactly what is says to, it has a cleaver point so you can easily blend your foundation in places like the corner of your nose, and blending around the eye.
All in all i am quite happy with my purchase and if you are hesitating trust me and just buy it! they are cleverly designed to use with any product, which is why they make great investment tools.

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