Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Favorites- Lipsticks

Here are my favorite lip colors that i have been using all month. I have included a nude, red, pink and orange. Since the weather has been temperamental here in Melbourne it was vital that i kept my lips in good condition and even today. I moisturize with the Lucas' Paw Paw ointment and make myself an overnight treatment of the Lanolips 101 Ointment and Aloe Vera gel.

MAC Creamsheen lipstick in: Creme D'Nude 
this feels nice and smooth when first applied on the lips, the color is suited perfectly with my skin tone, the creamsheen formula keeps the lips hydrated 

 Sportsgirl Pout About It lipstick in: Fruit Tingle 
this lipstick is highly pigmented, which means the lips need to be hydrated beforehand, the color is quite bright so eye make up needs to be kept to a minimal 

AVON Simply Pretty lipstick in: Daring Mauve 
the color and formulation of this lipstick is amazing, the color suits my skin tone perfectly it's a lovely lolly pink, it leaves the lips feeling soft and it stays on for a long time and the price is a steal!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick in: Black Wine
this deep red lipstick not only looks great on any skin tone, but it is extremely long lasting. Apart from my nudes this color was my favorite- not to mention this is one of Rachel Zoe's, Stylist to the Stars all time favorite brand and shade. You just can't simply go wrong with this color, it doesn't wash you out (like most deep reds do) and it can really make you feel all that prettier 

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